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Our company specializes in providing comprehensive parquet services and more.

In our offer you will find:


• surface measurements, humidity and hardness of the substrate

• Leveling and other work related to the preparation of the substrate for future floor

• gluing finished and crued floors

• reconstruction of antique wood flooring

• restoration of damaged flooring

• sanding, varnishing, oiling floors

• installation of mounting strips and plinths

• renovation, sanding stairs, wooden boards

• connecting the wooden floors with surfaces of other materials such as stone

• restoration of historical joinery: doors, windows

• laying terraces and their subsequent renovations

• minor carpentry work


In addition to a wide range of flooring, We also offer the installation of our products, which is associated with:

• guarantee for the service;

• saving of valuable time, since all the formalities of procuring the floor, you will fulfil in one place.